10 Tips for Rewarding Your Weight Loss

If losing weight is your goal, then remember to take time to enjoy the journey and reward yourself properly. Taking time to reward yourself for hard work and dedication with your diet is important and also encourages accountability and provides motivation to keep going. However, doing so with non-food rewards is essential in establishing and maintaining a healthy outlook on food. So, do not think about a big scoop of ice cream or slice of cake. Instead, consider some treats that do not contain any calories. In general, it is not a great idea to treat food as either a reward or a punishment.

Weight Loss Rewards

Lifestyle changes in one’s diet are important for long-term success. Whether it is losing 5 pounds, 15 pounds, or 100 pounds, setting small goals and sticking to them will lead to the best results. Once you meet these goals, moving on to create new goals until those are met is key to weight loss success. One way to stay motivated is to reward yourself with something small but prized.

Here are a few rewards to consider for your successes on your weight loss journey:

1. Get Moving with Music - Download a new song that will get you moving and grooving. Music helps you relax, stay charged, and is an excellent accompaniment for your next workout!

Get Moving With Music

2. Get a Manicure and/or Pedicure - A manicure and/or pedicure are nice treats for reaching your goal. Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand.

3. Save Money and Pay Yourself - For every pound you lose, set aside a dollar in a jar for the weight you lose. When you reach your goal, spend the money on one (non-food) prize you want. It could be tickets to an upcoming event, a new item for the kitchen, or a wellness splurge such as a facial or a massage.

4. New Clothes for a New You - What person who loses weight doesn’t need new clothing to fit their smaller, trimmer body? Looking for new clothing to help you look and feel your best is a great choice when you reach your goal.

New Clothes for a New You

5. Accessorize Your New Wardrobe - Accessories can be a great indulgence that helps you stay motivated as you head towards your end goal.

6. Movies, Plays, and Performances - Movies, plays, and performances are a nice, relaxing reward that helps you indulge in the arts while helping you treat yourself for a job well done.

7. Take a Trip - Who doesn’t love to travel to a favorite spot or somewhere new and undiscovered? Travel is an excellent treat to top off your weight loss goal. With improved health and a stronger body, you may be able to add new adventures to your travel plans that you weren’t able to experience before.

8. Get New Exercise Gear and Equipment - Workout gear, or gear for your favorite activity or sport is a wonderful reward for a job well done. Even a new pair of workout shoes can help you feel great and reinforce the healthy exercise you have added to your weekly regimen.

New Exercise Gear & Equipment

9. Learn Something New – It’s always fun to learn something new. Take a class on a topic that interests you or even a class to help you along with your weight loss journey such as home gardening, exercise classes, or healthy cooking classes. Classes are a great reward for reaching a weight loss goal.

10. Help & Motivate Others - Charity is something that feels good to do and has such a great impact on others. Why not reward yourself by helping someone else?

It is important to remember that your body rewards you for making improvements to your diet and exercise routines as well. Even if you haven’t met your weight loss goals or you are struggling to lose the extra weight, there are immense rewards for just taking better care of yourself. Remember, improving your food choices and getting more activity can lead to increased energy, better sleep, improved outlook, more regular bowels, and less brain fog.

Research shows that the body rewards you for weight loss as well. A study from Stanford University found that your food tastes better when you’re slimmer. Duke University found that a 10% weight loss can lead to an increase in sexual satisfaction. In addition, another study from the journal Neurology found that weight loss can sharpen your cognitive skills. 

Weight Loss Finish Line

Remember, setting attainable goals and knowing ahead of time what you will do for yourself when you reach your goals is as important as getting to your goal. It can help motivate and drive you when you feel less than motivated, and it can also push you to the finish line faster.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to reward the new healthier and trimmer you? Are you ready to take advantage of rewarding yourself for taking better care of YOU? Start with Seattle Sutton - learn more about our traditional and vegetarian meal plans, or read our customer success stories to get motivated today.

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