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When it comes to spreading the word about the effectiveness and convenience of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meal plans, our customers just happen to be our biggest supporters! We love hearing how our meals have helped change your lives for the better…so keep those success stories coming!

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"I have learned about caloric intake, portion control, nutrition and exercise."

"I have lost 25 pounds in the last year and only have purchased 4 days a week. I never refuse a chance to go our for lunch! I realize how lacking my portion control was when I finished up. I also am more aware of my salt and calcium intake." - Jeanette

"I truly believe that your eating plan saved my health."

"Doing Seattle Sutton has shown me portion control! I have lost 10 pounds and feel I look better and my clothes fit better. The meal plan works well for someone is alone. But even on the plan you can choose to fit it on your schedule - still go out and eat - freeze meals and eat later - do a full week or a half week. Start new. You will not regret Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating!" - Carol

"I would recommend this diet to anyone who wants to get serious about losing weight."

"I’ve been heavy most of my life. I’ve tried various ways to lose weight and for the most part they didn’t work. Two years ago I had a mild stroke and my doctor strongly recommended I lose weight. I asked her what she thought of the various prepared meal plans on the market to which she immediately said “Seattle Sutton”. That was enough for me. At that time I weighed close to 250 pounds. I signed up for the 1200 calorie conventional plan and after 12 months on the plan and 45 minutes a day on my treadmill I was at my doctor’s recommended weight of 175 pounds. In addition to losing weight I feel for the first time I was eating healthy. During my last annual physical ALL my blood metrics were for the first time within normal ranges. I feel Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating is just what the doctor ordered. Really." - James S.  

"I lost over half my size."

"Three plus years ago I began a swimming regiment to lose weight. This was successful for a time. But eventually my weight crept back up on above 300 pounds. I knew I needed a change in my diet. Discussing this with a friend, I learned about SSHE and his success with the program. Since I started, I have dropped an amazing 67 pounds and continue to drop at a rate of 1 to 3 pounds per week. I’m now at a much healthier 254 pounds as of this writing and plan to continue the program until I reach my ideal weight. Thank you!!" - John S.

"Four Months = 100 Pounds Lighter"

"Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating Program has been a life saver for me in more than one way. I am a 22 yr. old college student with no free time and I hate to cook. The idea of someone else preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me is what initially drew me to this program. I was skeptical, but after my first week of eating good, fresh food I was sold. I have always been overweight and like many other people have failed with all other diets, but to my surprise, this one really works. With very little change to my lifestyle I have managed to loose over 100 lbs within a year and owe much of my success to SSHE. Not only has it helped me to loose weight it has also taught me how to eat healthy." - Jennifer M.

"I lost over 80 pounds while on Seattle Sutton! "

"I am a 47 years old male. Some time ago, I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change. I weighed 312 was on blood pressure medicine twice daily, had pain in my feet, high triglycerides and was on the verge of becoming diabetic. I now weigh 203 pounds, take a very low dose of blood pressure medicine once a day and my triglycerides are down considerably. My physician is amazed – she has only seen these results with gastric bypass surgery. I enjoy the food tremendously! Thank you, I could not have accomplished this without you!" - David B.

"About a year ago, while walking up my basement steps, I had to stop and rest. Everything on my body hurt; my knees, legs, hips, as well as my brain. I knew my problems were due to my weight, and if I didn't do something about it, I was going to die before my time.

My first step was to go see my Doctor (who I will refer to as Dr. God). During our conversation, when I told him I was scared I was going to die early because of my weight, he said that a food plan was needed, not a diet. Dr. God also said because of my addiction to food, a diet would not work, that is why a food plan was necessary. The food plan had to be something that was on-going and easily available. He had heard about a food plan called Healthy Eating but was not sure of the correct name or the details of the program. By the time I got home from the appointment, his nurse, who is a good friend, had called and left a message. She told me the name of the food program was Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating and there was a store convenient to my house. I thought about this for a couple of days decided to start exercising and went for a walk. I was able to walk only four houses up and back and thought I was going to die. I knew then I had to call the Seattle Sutton store and find out how the program worked.

Being very skeptical because I had tried every diet known to man, I called and spoke to a very nice fellow named John. I made an appointment and went in to see him. He explained Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating program of freshly prepared meals, individual packages, three meals a day, and could be picked up or delivered twice a week. My only food shopping would be for milk (which I pick up at Target, so I don’t even have to go to the grocery store). The nice part is there is no weighing in, no counting calories, no frozen food, and no feeling guilty. As explained, the program was started to help people that wanted to eat healthy, but didn’t have the time for all the planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup.

Currently my weight loss is 102 pounds with 40 more to go. No doubt Ill do it. My daily walk is now 2 miles per day and no one passes me up as they once did. Losing 102 pounds is not easy, its hard work, but I was determined to get healthy. My blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped, and my fatty liver has become normal. Boots are once again part of my wardrobe. At age 62, I have never felt better.

Since my introduction to Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating, John (the Seattle Sutton distributor) and I have become good friends. We gab a lot but never about what I eat.

Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating program is something that I can do forever. If I go out to eat, Ive learned how much to eat. I have found that when I eat out, and then go for my walk the next day, Im very sluggish and know it’s because of the rich food from the night before.

I have become very comfortable with the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating program and have proven to myself and others that at age 62 if I can do it, anyone can. It takes courage, guts, and Seattle Sutton."

Nancy C.

"I started the Seattle Sutton Diet right after my total hip replacement surgery. When I visited my cardiologist two months later, he was very surprised and pleased with my weight at that time. His records showed that I had lost 20 pounds in the three months since my last visit. I had dropped from 250 pounds to 230 pounds. What impressed him even more were the results of my associated blood test that showed my total cholesterol had decreased from 279 to 146 during this same time. Also, my total triglycerides had fallen from 707 to 198 over this period. In addition to the medications I was taking, he asked me what changes I had made and I told him about the Seattle Sutton diet. He told me to keep up the good work!

I saw this doctor again in just over three months and this time I had lost another 15 pounds and my total cholesterol was down again - to 136. The total triglycerides had also fallen some more - down to 183. Again, the doctor was very pleased with the results.

Being a Type II diabetic, I also monitor my blood sugar on a regular basis. My average daily readings before I started on the diet were in the range of 120 to 140. After being on the diet for three months, the readings were averaging between 100 to 110. My regular doctor reviewed all of my readings and allowed me to cut back on my blood sugar control medication.

Another result of loosing the weight is that I feel better and have more energy.

Since I have not been able to exercise very much because of my surgery, I have to credit the Seattle Sutton Diet with the majority of my weight loss and improved blood analysis results. When I am well enough to start walking again, I know that I will lose even more weight and hopefully maintain control of the blood analysis results.

The Seattle Sutton Diet has helped me to improve my life both physically and mentally and I strongly recommend to everyone."

Con C.

"WOW!! It is difficult to know where to begin. This past year has been amazing all because of a choice to make one phone call.

A while back, I was feeling very desperate for a change in my life. I was extremely heavy, weighting 221 pounds, a size 20, and miserable in my body. I had not been happy with my weight for many years. I was depressed and discouraged with what I looked like. It is amazing how the extra weight slowly creeps up on you and before you know it you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back at you.

My Dr. told me on several occasions that I should try to lose some weight but with my family life and going to college I didn’t have time to eat right and exercise. I was also concerned about future heath problems because both of my parents have diabetes and I was sure I was headed for the same fait. I was already having problems breathing and going up or down stairs. I was even miserable sitting down on my sofa. I decided I should do something before I begin to experience other health issues.

I had heard about Seattle Sutton on radio commercials and wondered if it would work for me. I was sure it was too expensive but thought I would at least call and check into the cost. I was surprised to find out it was affordable, costing only $4.38 a meal. I often spent more than this at most fast food restaurants. I also decided my health was important to me. I thought I have a choice to make—I can pay for Seattle Sutton now or I can spend my money later on medication, medical test as well as Doctor, and hospital bills.

So, now the next question was would I like the food? I called Seattle Sutton, ordered my food, and picked it up a short time later. Again to my surprise I really liked the food and every week I looked forward to going and picking up my food. I love all the muffins, breads and pastas. I have never gotten board with the meals, and it is so convenient. I don’t have to think about what I am going to make to eat, whether it is healthy, am I eating too much or not enough. I just bring it home, put the meals in order in the refrigerator. When it is time to eat a meal.

I take it out, heat it in the microwave. I don’t have to wonder whether I am doing the right thing or not, Seattle Sutton has done everything for me.

Since I started the plan, I have lost 75 pounds and more than 47 inches. I am now wearing a size 6 jeans and slacks. Now when I look into the mirror I have to take a double look, “Is that really me in that mirror?" I prefer my new reflection to the old one. I am so thrilled with the results I have gotten from Seattle Sutton.

I wish everyone who has a weight problem would choose to make a change and try Seattle Sutton. Calling Seattle Sutton was the best thing I could have done. I look better, I feel better physically, emotionally and I enjoy life much more. I am physically able to do more. I feel like a new person." - Lela S.

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