Seattle Sutton’s Success Story: Jan’s-Inspirational-Story

You may have read about a wonderful woman named Jan Wilke who lost more than half her body weight while on Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating (SSHE) meals. If not, then you ought to know Jan. She’s a remarkable woman who after 60-plus years decided enough was enough. She was tired of yo-yo fad diets and wanted to live a life without worrying if she was ‘too big’ to do it.

To know Jan you need to go back to her childhood. She was as she puts it, “a heavy child” and never knew anything different. Her parents, while loving and well meaning, were not always the most sympathetic to her and her feelings. As a child longing to take ballet like the other girls her age, her mother said she couldn’t find a leotard big enough for her. Her father said she’d be beautiful if only she lost weight. So, years and years of that grew much self-doubt and low self esteem in her. She thought she was an ugly person because of her size. Jan didn’t feel beautiful or worthy because her parents said on many occasions she wasn’t.

Fast-forward to a woman in her 60’s with three grown daughters of her own, she kept slowing down and doing less and less due to her size. She was existing, but not truly living. One time she even fell and couldn’t get up until her husband woke up to find her on the floor – hours later.

Enough was enough.

One day when a friend of hers came by to have some pants taken in (Jan is a talented seamstress) and she asked her friend how she lost weight and had so much energy. Her friend said she had been eating Seattle Sutton’s meals and felt like she was young again. She was losing weight, but also healthier than she had been in years.

That very day when her friend left, Jan was interested in SSHE and did some research. What she found was enlightening and encouraging. Maybe she too could do it, just like her friend? This was not a fad diet and was real food. Sure, it wasn’t what Jan had been eating (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) but it was worth a try. What did she have to lose, she told her self.

So, Jan called her local retailer and wanted to start as soon as possible. After learning how the meal plan works, she started at the next meal cycle and hasn’t looked back with any doubt since.

Today, even after reaching her goal of losing half her body weight (and then some) she continues to maintain her weight. Having learned portions and the right mix of foods to eat. She not only looks healthier, she is healthier than she’s been in years. She feels great and has so much energy – often to the chagrin of her family. But helpful for keeping up with young grandchildren – something she was unable to do before SSHE.

We’re so proud of what Jan’s accomplished and want you to know that it’s possible – all you have to do is follow the SSHE plan and be committed to putting your health first.

Congratulations Jan, we are so very proud of you…and you look amazing!

Jan’s story has a happy ending and as you’ll read in this month’s First for Women, she has such an inspiring story to tell that will help even more people out there struggling, as she did for years.