More Whole Grains, Less Heart Disease

A new study out today links whole grain consumption and heart disease risk. The findings? More whole grains, less heart disease.

According to The American Journal of Cardiology where the findings will be published in the March 1st issue, higher consumption of whole grains may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (or heart disease as its more commonly known).

Researchers analyzed data from 15 studies and three case-control studies involving 14,427 patients with heart disease and 300,492 participants.

They concluded through the analysis, the higher the whole grain intake the more the protection one has against heart disease.

Bottom line, if you want to prevent heart disease be sure to consume a diet rich in whole grains.

And, if you think you should eliminate whole grains due to the gluten free craze (and not those who have Celiac Disease and must stay away from whole grains), think again.