Key to Losing Weight

The key to losing weight is often a much sought after goal for many people, some people spend years attempting to do so.

With a third of the U.S. population obese, it is no surprise weight loss tops the lists for many people wanting to improve their health.

People desire to lose weight, and with all the best intentions, often focus their efforts on becoming more active rather than focusing on the food they eat.

Is exercise the only way to lose weight?

The numbers on the scale don’t budge no matter how many visits to the gym or how many laps run. The reason? New research says focusing solely on exercise is not the answer to losing weight.

While regular exercise has its many health benefits not to be overlooked - reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. It is actually excess amounts of calories, not inactivity that is primarily to blame for the obesity epidemic in this country.

Essentially it comes down to cannot out run a bad diet, no matter how much running is done, hitting the gym or exercising is completed.

Weight loss is in the kitchen

Weight loss is not accomplished in a gym, rather in the kitchen.

It’s time we rethink our whole idea about weight loss…stop thinking physical activity will single handily result in weight loss.

Calories in versus calories out, bottom line.