Healthy Habits to Keep Your Diet on the Right Path

Are you one of the many people confused by all the conflicting healthy eating recommendations? Or perhaps someone who knows what to do, but has a hard time putting it into practice on a daily basis? Fear not, I have compiled a “daily checklist” to help guide you as you navigate a healthy lifestyle. These seven tips are certain to make a positive impact and help keep your diet on the right track!

Eat or Drink Probiotics

Hippocrates once said, "Bad digestion is the root of all evil." Now, a growing body of research suggests that the ancient Greek physician was seriously onto something: Maintaining a healthy balance of "good" gut bacteria in the digestive tract is critical to overall health and wellbeing. Eat to beat disease by including a diet rich in different colored fruits and vegetables, because each food is responsible for different strain of healthy bacteria.

Drink Water Before Meals

Thirst and hunger are hard to tell apart. Many times when we reach for food, it is really just because we are somewhat dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water before each meal can prevent dehydration, which allows us to better navigate hunger and satiety signals.

Stop Eating at 80 Percent Full

Most of us are inclined to eat past the point of fullness, but eating just until we are comfortably full -- at 80 percent full -- can save hundreds of calories, and many unwanted additional pounds throughout the year.

Eat Breakfast Daily

As anyone who's tried to eat sensibly knows, starving yourself now will just have you eating much more, later. To combat the urge to overindulge in the evening, make sure to eat breakfast every morning. Choose a sensible breakfast with protein and fiber. Healthy choices for protein include eggs, yogurt and nuts or nut butters. Be sure to pair your high protein choice with a high fiber food like a high fiber cereal or fruit.

Steam, Grill, Broil, or Bake Food

These food preparation methods typically include the least amount of bad fats. Even when dining out, let these descriptors guide you through the menu. Look for protein like fish or chicken or even vegetables that use these words.

Go to Bed Earlier to Ensure 8 Hours of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a huge willpower killer. You’re more likely to overeat, crave foods high in sugar, and not exercise! Make every effort to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night- and if that’s not possible sneak in a nap throughout the day.

Weigh Yourself 1-2 Times Weekly

In addition to a calorie-controlled diet and physical activity, frequent weighing in is an integral part of successful weight loss or weight maintenance. Monitoring weight on a regular basis is a form of accountability and self-monitoring. And don’t forget to celebrate your progress with non-food rewards!

When you combine the steps above with a healthy and fresh meal plan, you do more than just give yourself good habits - you begin to look, feel, and ultimately, live better. With Seattle Sutton, the benefits speak for themselves and our loyal customers agree!