Four Ways To Improve Joint Health

Dealing with joint pain can make you dread things you once enjoyed and make simple things a pain (literally!). Below are 4 things you can do to help extend the life of your natural joints and improve your pain

1. Lose weight - Did you know that every extra pound you carry adds three pounds of pressure on your knees? Multiply the pressure on your hips by six! If you have arthritis, losing just 15 pounds can cut your knee pain in half.

2. Exercise - Even if you have joint pain, you still can (and should) be physically active. Participate in activities like swimming, walking, and riding a bike—which are gentler on your joints.

3. Proper Posture and Technique - Poor posture and using the wrong technique during your daily activities adds more stress to damaged joints. Inquire with staff at the gym or a physical therapist for suggestions for proper technique. If an activity hurts, stop doing it right away

4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods - Fruits, leafy vegetables, oily fish, nuts and olive oil all help to reduce inflammation in the body. Aiming for a variety of colors and more fresh foods have been shown to reduce markers of inflammation which can help reduce your joint pain.

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