Do I Need A Detox?

Detoxes and cleanses have risen in popularity, but are they necessary and safe? It’s important to understand that our bodies are designed with their own detoxification system which runs 24/7 utilizing nutrients provided by your diet. 

Toxins are categorized into to 2 main categories: toxins produced internally during metabolism and toxins to which we are externally exposed, from foods, drinks, air, and even absorbed through the skin. Every individual differs in their body’s ability to excrete toxins, what they are exposed to, and so on. 

Some detox diets recommend fasting, which can be potentially risky for some people, and may actually suppress detoxification pathways in the body. Others recommend practices that are not supported by current research. 

You can support your body’s natural detoxification processes by doing the following: 

Increasing your intake of dietary fiber from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds to support bowel regularity 

Keep yourself adequately hydrated with water and green tea 

Include lean protein, which is critical for optimum levels of glutathione, an enzyme critical in detoxification 

Take a daily multivitamin since certain vitamins and minerals enable the body’s detoxification processes 

Ensure you are eating adequate calories throughout the day to support proper body functioning 

Include probiotics, such as kefir or yogurt, to promote a healthy gut

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