Consumers Say NO to Artificial Food Dyes

Recently, Mars - the makers of a popular candy (M&Ms) announced it would remove artificial food dyes from its candy over a five-year period. They are listening to consumer demand for natural ingredients in lieu of artificial colors.

 This brings to light an interesting and larger trend that started not too long ago, with large multinational food companies began to ‘feel the heat’ from U.S. consumers saying they too want safer food ingredients like the companies use throughout Europe and around the globe. They no longer want subpar ingredients in their American food items. They no longer want neo colored food (or candy in M&M’s case).

It makes me think of many questions about food dyes…

  • Why were neon and unnatural colors used in the first place? Was it mere cosmetics, to appeal to the consumers and draw them in so to speak?
  • Why do these companies think it is okay to provide Americans one ingredient when it is banned around the world?
  • Why do consumers have to boycott a brand, or specific item to incite change?
  • Why hasn’t this happened sooner?
  • Why does the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) still consider these safe when they are banned elsewhere?

I can actually address the last question, but it makes you consider WHY. Long, long ago –even before I started in 1985 what is now known as Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, I was disgusted with artificial food dyes. So much so, that I eventually contacted the FDA asking why are these in our foods? I was told that once something is considered safe that it is nearly impossible to have it removed off the list. So, there you have it. That’s why we are still dealing with artificial food dyes in much of the food, candy, medicine and etc. in this country. Now, that’s a shame.

What’s awesome is that when I started SSHE, I knew as a mother, registered nurse and wife of a family physician, I had to have the healthiest meals possible. So, guess what? Our meals have NEVER contained artificial food dyes. I am proud to be ahead of the time and serve what you should be eating for the rest of your life.

So, these candy companies and consumer packaged food companies can pledge no more food dyes in years to come, but I can smile knowing our freshly prepared meals have never contained that junk! And, guess what? You’d never know it by looking at them either.