A Healthy, Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered

At Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, we believe in enjoying the holidays and celebrating with the comforting foods we all associate with this time of year. Altering traditional holiday items to make them healthier without sacrificing the taste is a win-win! This year our team of chefs and Registered Dietitians created a delicious Thanksgiving dinner delivered that will leave you satisfied with all the feels of Thanksgiving without the guilt or worry about the calories, fat, or sodium!

It is estimated that the traditional Thanksgiving celebration adds up to 3,000-4,500 calories and an average of 229 grams of fat! Yikes! Portion sizes, heavy ingredients, caloric/alcoholic beverages, and grazing all day lead to this astronomical number!

This year we created a delicious Thanksgiving dinner that includes all of your favorites…turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, maple-glazed sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. Even though we included all the traditional items we were able to lighten up the ingredients, control the portions, and add more of the good-for-you items to significantly improve the nutrition.

Compared to the numbers above we cut the calories by up to 90% to 460 calories and fat by 69% to only 7 grams! The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is also loaded with blood pressure raising sodium from the stuffing, gravy, casseroles, and even the turkey (as if these numbers weren’t raising your blood pressure enough…am I right?!). Depending on your choices, Thanksgiving could top 2,000 milligrams! Our dinner only contains 250 milligrams and which is a significant improvement for you heart health and that morning after bloat!

You don’t have to go off our plan this year to enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year you can enjoy it AND feel good about it! Now that is something to be thankful for…

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