8 Holiday Gift Ideas

Want to give the give of good health but not sure what to buy? Below is a list of 8 gift ideas that will hopefully inspire those on your gift list to live healthier and happier into the New Year. 

1. Fitness and Sleep Tracker: These trendy gifts are on the top of most gift lists for health-conscious individuals. They can monitor sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories burned, and activity time. There are many different options with varying price tags which makes it easy to find one that fits into your budget and the individual’s needs. 

2. Herb garden kit: Cutting back on salt is an important diet change that most Americans need to make. Gifting an herb garden kit makes it easy for someone to grow their own herbs and they can enjoy the convenience of having fresh herbs at their fingertips whenever they are cooking.

3. Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants and has potential heart health benefits. Dark chocolate does contain some sugar, but it is less than other chocolates and the darker the chocolate usually the lower the sugar content. For the best benefit, choose quality dark chocolate with 70% or higher cocoa content.

4. Loose leaf tea gift set: Drinking tea can benefit health in many ways. Tea is lower in caffeine than coffee, sugar-free, full of antioxidants, and calorie-free. Gifting a tea set is a cozy way to introduce someone to this healthy beverage option.

5. Fun Apron: A stylish apron will inspire your gift recipient to spend more time in the kitchen. An apron is often something someone doesn’t think about purchasing for themselves. Getting in the kitchen and cooking meals from scratch may inspire more family time and fresh, healthy meals.

6. Food Saver Containers: These cute containers not only help to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer, but they also help to cut down on plastic waste. We all know that cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables is healthiest. They also make herb savers to keep fresh herbs fresher for longer.

7. Oil mister: An oil mister is great for adding a small amount of oil to a pan, salad, or other dishes. Olive oil is full of heart health benefits but watching portions is still important as oils can add calories quickly. Using an oil mister can help keep portions in check while still getting the benefit of healthy oils. Pairing a nice bottle of olive oil with an oil mister is a great option for those hard to shop for individuals. 

8. Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Gift card: What better than a gift card that gives your loved one the ease of home-delivered meals? Anyone would love the gift of not having to grocery shop, prepare meals, or clean up their kitchen while also enjoying delicious, healthy meals!

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