Our Spring Menu Is in Full Bloom

Spring has finally sprung and with the warmer weather, extra sunshine, and budding plants it is a time when we all feel invigorated and ready for a fresh start. At Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, we are excited to roll out our menu changes for the Spring to align with the change of season by offering seasonal items and fresh, new flavors. We are adding 15 fresh, new meals to our menu with great variety, healthy ingredients, familiar favorites, and chef creativity.

We are also excited to be swapping some meals from the weekdays and weekends to provide extra variety to our customers who order a partial week (a 3 or 4-day meal plan instead of the whole week). Swapping some of these meals’ placement on the menu, it will allow our customers to enjoy some of the meals they have never been able to try before and add some additional variety and flavors.

Check out some of the new items you'll see on our Spring Menu and read about the different health-promoting, in-season foods we chose to feature in these delicious meals.

Sweet & Sour Chicken or Crispy Tofu

Tender white meat chicken breast or crispy tofu in a sweet and sour sauce with sweet pineapple served over basmati rice and sesame broccoli.

Spring produce is at its peak currently and fortunately many of these foods are powerful immune-boosting foods providing vitamins and minerals to help keep us healthy. Broccoli contains high levels of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folate. Beta-carotene is a phytonutrient thought to bolster cellular antioxidant defenses, this can help lower inflammation and offer other protective health benefits. Broccoli also is a good source of fiber which is associated with better blood sugar control, digestion, and lower cholesterol.

Five Grain Croquette

A panko-encrusted cake of ancient grains blended with tender vegetables served over a tomato and walnut sauce with a summer mélange of vegetables.

This dish features a super nutritious blend of carrots, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts, 3 powerfully healthy vegetables that support good health. Asparagus, in particular, is a spring vegetable that is high in vitamin C and folate, and a good source of vitamin A. Asparagus contains prebiotics which helps support the growth of immune-boosting probiotics. They also contain chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells.

Strawberry Chia Oatmeal

Creamy strawberry and chia oatmeal topped with fresh mango and a chocolate almond crunch.

Strawberries provide a natural source of fiber, vitamins, and high levels of antioxidants without any sodium, fat, or cholesterol. One serving of strawberries provides more vitamin C than an orange and is low in calories with about 50 calories. The high flavonoid content could help reduce the risk of cancer, decrease inflammation, and boost memory. Because strawberries are high in potassium and antioxidants, they may help to naturally lower your blood pressure. What can’t the strawberry do?

Chicken or Mushroom Niçoise Bowl

Seattle's twist on a classic Niçoise Salad composed of tender roasted chicken or mushrooms, potato salad, marinated green beans, and peppery arugula served with a tangy dressing.

Green beans are in season from May until September and are a classic addition to a traditional Niçoise Salad. Green beans provide protein, fiber, folate, and potassium. This makes them an excellent choice for a heart-healthy diet as they may help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. The fiber in green beans helps improve gut health. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you may have heard to choose foods lower in FODMAPs, certain types of carbohydrates that are harder to digest and absorb. Green beans are considered a low-FODMAP food.

Yorkshire Breakfast

A traditional English breakfast plate including a savory Yorkshire muffin with Gruyere and Swiss cheese, scrambled eggs, spinach & mushroom sauté, and fresh-cut fruit.

Mushrooms are full of beneficial properties to support good health. They are low in calories, fat- and cholesterol-free, and very low in sodium. They are one of the few foods that contain natural vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build and maintain strong bones by helping the body absorb calcium. Most people do not have sufficient levels of vitamin D, so boosting your intake of mushrooms can help naturally drive your levels up which could benefit your health in many ways. Mushrooms are in season in spring and fall.

Maui Wowi Pancake

Tropical fruit pancake topped with macadamia nuts and coconut accompanied by a mango preserve and caramelized pineapple high-protein Greek yogurt whip.

Pineapple may make you think of fruity drinks on the beach on a hot summer day, but this bright yellow fruit is actually in season in spring, fall, and winter. Pineapple provides our bodies with vitamin C and manganese. Manganese helps keep our bones strong and our nervous system healthy. Pineapples also contain an enzyme called bromelain which helps break down protein, aid digestion, and may help reduce inflammation in the gut.

Bonsai Salmon or Tofu Bowl

Asian fusion bowl of glazed salmon or tofu, basmati rice, mango cucumber salad, and crisp carrots drizzled with a sweet soy sauce.

Carrots are jam-packed with carotenoids, which may protein against cancer, keep plaque from building up on your arteries, and strengthen mucous membranes to keep harmful germs out of your body. Some carotenoids help protect your vision, too, warding off macular degeneration. Carrots are naturally sweet and pair well with both mild and strong flavors, like those found in our Bonsai Bowl.

Nona's Lasagna with Mixed Greens

Classic lasagna filled with ricotta and spinach finished with melted mozzarella cheese accompanied by baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette and sunflower seeds.

Spinach is a powerful source of antioxidants that may aid in slowing down the aging process and maintaining brain function. One study found that one serving of leafy green vegetables per day was connected to a slower rate of cognitive decline. The vitamins and minerals in spinach are also common ingredients added to skin care products to help reduce wrinkling and tighten skin, such as vitamins A, C, E, and B6.

Mediterranean Stuffed Pepper

Tomato braised pepper filled with a blend of walnuts, currants, feta, and grains finished with a red wine tomato sauce and served with a spinach salad.

This dish is full of flavor and plant-based nutrition. We love the variety of colors and incorporation of herbs, fresh produce, and different textures. There are many nutritional benefits found within this meal, but the inclusion of radishes really helps to tie in seasonal spring produce and an extra pop of color. Radishes have fiber and high water content, these two work together to make radishes very filling. Choosing foods with both fiber and higher water content can help you feel more satisfied with fewer calories which may help with weight loss.

With Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, we’re with you every step of the way, encouraging you to maintain good health with the help of our pre-made meals and exercise tips for overall good health. Ready to try some of our new Spring meals and get the support you have been looking for? Check out our NEW menu today and reach out and let us know how we can help you!

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