Together We RISE!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer in both women and men. This year the theme is “Together We RISE”. Breast Cancer has affected millions of women and men along with their families and friends for decades. Our Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating “Family” is no exception and have all personally been affected by breast cancer in both the past and, more recently, these past few months. The theme “Together We RISE” means so much to us here at Seattle Sutton’s!

Seattle Sutton celebrating her 90th Birthday with Rene Ficek, Owner, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating.

In November of 1999 our AMAZING Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Founder, Seattle Sutton, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy. She wrote in her book, The Seattle Sutton Solution, “It’s not something to be taken lightly, but I was highly confident it would amount to nothing more than a bump in the road.” Seattle’s positive attitude gave her strength in addition to her wonderful support team. Seattle writes, “My three daughters camped out in the hospital, and made me feel so happy it couldn’t help but have a positive impact on my health. It didn’t take much time for me to jump back into my normal routine.” Of course, she learned she had to delegate some of her responsibilities to her talented team here at Seattle Sutton’s and also to follow her own advice when it came to eating healthy, which she certainly knew how to do well! We are happy to say Seattle just celebrated her 90th Birthday (see picture of) which makes us HOPEFUL for anyone faced with the same diagnosis!

Seattle Sutton celebrating her 90th Birthday with her beautiful family.

Then this past April, we had more heartbreaking news in our Seattle Sutton’s Family. Our WONDERFUL Registered Dietitian, Alyssa Salz, who makes sure our customers have the healthy meals and the nutritional knowledge they need to reach their healthy goals, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Needless to say, Breast Cancer is now a big topic of conversation at Seattle Sutton’s. Alyssa has gone through her 8 chemotherapy treatments throughout the summer, a double mastectomy in September and will be going through radiation in November. Definitely a long road traveled, but Alyssa is a FIGHTER and remains amazingly positive. She even wrote ThePower of Positive Thinking Blog while going through all her treatments and remains working as much as possible. We Celebrated her last chemo day together as a “Family”. We believe in the power of TOGETHERNESS for Health!

Celebrating Dietitian Alyssa Salz last day of Chemo for Breast Cancer

The Seattle Sutton Family celebrating Alyssa’s last chemo treatment in August 2022.

However, it is important to note, according to the American Cancer Society, that keeping a positive attitude does not change the course of a person’s cancer, a person may feel sadness, distress, depression, fear and anxiety which are all normal emotions when dealing with cancer, and should never be ignored. A person with cancer should talk about how they feel to their loved ones, or join a support group, or talk to a therapist, so they can work through their feelings, which in turn will help that person feel optimistic which can lead to a better quality of life. This is also TOGETHERNESS!

Alyssa is an inspiration to all of us! She says, “My journey in kicking cancers booty continues! I have finished my chemo and am recovering from my surgery. The journey isn't over yet, I still have radiation and another surgery, but we are making strides in the right direction. It has not been an easy path for me or my family but I have learned that I am my best advocate and it is always important to listen to your body! I'm so glad that I spoke up for myself and am now getting this treatment that is saving my life! ” She also shared, “I am SO much more than cancer and have a strong army behind me. Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, and support!"

Together at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating celebrating Alyssa Salz last day of chemo for breast cancer

The Seattle Sutton Family’s encouraging words to Alyssa to celebrate the day of her last chemo treatment and to remind her that we are here for her during her mastectomy and radiation treatments.

Six years ago, Seattle wrote a very hope-filled Breast Cancer Message in which she says, “ Why do I share my story? Simple- it’s to give others hope of survival, to know how well I’m doing and going strong. I attribute my good health to healthy eating, staying active and being positive. I am 84 years young, and I have so much to do. I used to say I would retire at 90, then I pushed it back to 100… perhaps I will have to push it back again.”

Thank you Seattle and Alyssa for your extraordinary example on how to truly live a healthy life with breast cancer.
We love you!

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