The 'Do’s and Don’ts' for Heart Health

With American Heart this month, it’s a great time to remember ways to keep your heart healthy diet. Here’s a list of ‘dos and don’ts' for heart health. I hope you enjoy! 

The Heart Health Do's:

1. Eat Better: A healthy, balanced diet like the one Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating serves is key to optimal health, including heart health. Remember to strive for a colorful plate of produce at each meal and consume whole grains and at least two servings of ‘fatty’ fish high in omega 3 fatty acids each week. Lean sources of protein, including vegetarian sources such as beans, nuts and legumes are also ideal. 

2. Exercise daily: Once cleared by your physician, one of the best ways to combat heart disease is to ‘get moving.’ What that means to you depends on your health, age and physical condition. Walking is a wonderful exercise, as is housework. But be sure you are able to do so before starting any activity.

3. Manage stress: Many studies link anger and stress to heart disease. It's best to find alternatives to manage stress to reduce heart disease risks.

4. Sleep: You may want to eat more and move less with the less sleep you have each night. So, it’s best to find the right amount for you and be sure to get your rest.

The Heart Health Don’ts:

1. Diabetes: Having type II diabetes puts you at greater risk for heart disease. Well-controlled blood sugar and insulin levels are key to managing the disease and keeping heart disease at bay.

2. Smoking: It’s the #1 contributor to heart disease and also puts one at risk for cancer and future heart attacks. The good news is, the moment a smoker stops smoking, the risks are immediately reduced.

3. High blood pressure: Hypertension as its also called, causes wear and tear on blood vessels and damages arteries and kidneys as a result of the blood working harder than with normal blood vessels. The upside, the damage can be mostly corrected with exercise and a healthy diet.

4. Obesity: Being overweight puts wear on the body, joints and blood vessels putting stress on the heart. Losing weight can have a positive impact on heart health, even as little as 10 to 20 pounds.

Put Your Heart First

Sticking to the above tips will not only ensure that your heart is healthier, but it will also have numerous benefits to your health overall. By being conscious of what you are putting in to your body, you will get so much more out of it! Here's to you and your heart!

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