Seattle Sutton’s 10 Tips for Heart Health

With February winding down, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to discuss heart health with you since it is American Heart Month.

Heart disease is the deadliest disease in our country and accounts for more deaths than all cancers combined, it is something we really should pay attention to and not just in February but year ‘round.

You have probably already read recently a great blog post from our registered dietitian about what foods you should be eating for heart health. But, let’s not forget what you should also be doing for heart health. Many things you do every day add up to improving heart health -- or unfortunately, do the opposite.

These tips are things you can do each day to help your ‘ole ticker be healthier and beat on for a long time:

1. Keep your weight in check

2. Say, “No!” to the salt shaker

3. Move more and then some more

4. Watch out for hidden added sugar

5. Give diets heavy in saturated fat and cholesterol the boot

6. Don’t let your blood pressure boil

7. Say, “Yes!” to whole grains, fresh produce and lean proteins

8. Go meatless at least once a week

9. Be sure to stay up to date on your health – check ups, tests and screenings

10 .Invest in your health – your greatest asset in life is your health, without it nothing else matters!

Learn more about heart health at the American Heart Association’s website.