Let’s Hear What SSHE Clients Have to Say

We often hear from our clients about the positive impact our meals have had on them or a loved one. We really appreciate the kinds words and thought perhaps others might also enjoy reading what our clients have to say. You may even want to share these comments with a loved one who may be able to use our meals. Often hearing how we can help can be part of the decision to make a lifestyle change.

“I can’t rave enough about this program. I lost 25 pounds and feel so much better.” -Cheryl L.
“I have lost 155 pounds and am well on my way to reaching my goal weight.” -John S.
“I am a busy veterinarian. I have lost 55 pounds, and my wife has lost 25 pounds. We are spreading the word about this program.” -Roland T.
“I love the flexibility of ordering and cancelling. I know that I can be on and off Seattle Sutton’s as needed.” -Rhonda C.
“I have lost 13 pounds in just seven weeks. “ -Terri K.
“I have now lost 137 pounds and recently hiked down a mountain in Idaho. Hoping to ski next winter.” -Ron K.
“I am a senior, and this program has been great for me. My diabetes and blood pressure are under control.” -Christopher C.
“I have lost 16 pounds in just six weeks.” -Holly N.
“I ordered for my sister. These meals were so convenient during her recovery after knee surgery.” -Deb G.
“My son, Erik, has lost over 100 pounds. His doctor in Chicago is amazed. Erik’s diabetes is under control now.” -Dawn R.
“I have lost 20 pounds and have been very pleased.” -Frank N.
“I’m so excited to be back on Seattle Sutton’s after summer vacation. Seattle Sutton’s works.” -Wife of Gregg D.

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