Fall Menu Launch!

Here at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating, we love bringing seasonal flavors and seasonal produce to the plate!

Twice a year we get ready for to switch up our meals and refresh the menu with many different seasonal offerings. As the weather gets colder, we tend to gravitate towards heartier meals, more robust flavors, and find comfort in warm soups and stews. While this is typically the season that many people put on a couple of extra pounds, our customers can rest assure that these new meals still follow the nutritional guidelines that our customers have come to know and depend on! For the next five weeks, our customers will be introduced some new dishes utilizing the best of fall's produce and warming flavors.

Our executive chef, Marcus Mooney, has been busy in the kitchen and has put a lot of passion and dedication into creating these new dishes. "My favorite meal on the fall menu would be the Croque Monsieur. I ate this item for the first time at culinary school and I was blown away. I remember thinking ' "How can a turkey sandwich taste so incredible?" ' My life was changed and from then on I dedicated myself to bringing the same experience to others I cooked for. There are so many things that inspire me and influence the way I create the meals for our menu. I believe that for our customers to achieve their goals; we need to offer meals that satisfy and excite. I'm inspired by foods that create memories of unique flavor experiences. That could be as simple as a healthy but rich Irish stew or an Italian inspired breakfast torte."

Here are some of the new meals to wet your pallet!

Chicken Chow Fun
Tender rice noodles with moist pulled chicken, fresh vegetables, and a ginger soy sauce

Ricotta Torte
Sweet Italian inspired ricotta torte filled with blueberries and topped with toasted almonds accompanied by a side of fresh fruit and a sausage link

Croque Monsieur
French inspired sandwich of tender diced turkey, spinach, and a creamy béchamel sauce with Gruyere cheese with a side of bitter greens, roasted peach vinaigrette and candied pecans

Gingerbread Porridge
Ginger and cinnamon spiced porridge of oats and ancient grains served with pecan quinoa crumble and a stewed fig compote

Moroccan Chicken Bowl
Yogurt marinated chicken skewers served over currant and pistachio couscous with green garbanzos, pickled turnips, and a creamy garlic sauce

Banana Caramel Clafoutis
Brown sugar bananas baked in a delicate French pastry and served with a Matcha peach smoothie

Salisbury Steak
Seattle’s secret blend of seasoned turkey infused with flavorful beef broth served with a rich mushroom gravy over Yukon whipped potatoes and accompanied by sweet peas and pearl onions.

Bruschetta Chicken
Parmesan and flax baked chicken breast topped with an olive and tomato bruschetta served over a porcini & pine nut grain blend with lemon caper green beans

Chili Con Carne
Slowly simmered turkey chili flavored with imported chilies’, beans and sweet corn accompanied by white cheddar, tortilla chips and guacamole

Chicken Paprikash
Hungarian family recipe of seasoned roasted chicken in a rich paprika and tomato gravy served over spätzle and Romanesco gratin

Flounder Sanremo
Spinach and Dijon crusted flounder served over stewed baby spinach and farro with roasted mushrooms and topped with a tomato & red onion conserve sauce

French Cassoulet
Tender turkey and chicken sausage simmered in a rich sauce of tomatoes, red wine and herbs finished with tender white beans and baked with herbed breadcrumbs. It’s accompanied by a crusty roll and petite salad with a champagne poppy dressing.

Cork County Irish Stew
Hearty stew of braised root vegetables in a rich chicken gravy with tender white meat chicken served with colcannon potatoes and Irish soda bread

Mushroom Toast
Whole grain toast topped with whipped ricotta, roasted wild mushroom blend, fried egg and arugula accompanied by fresh fruit.

Keep in mind all the new meals that contain meat will also be updated on the vegetarian menu—sometime with a protein replacement and sometimes with just yummy vegetables!

These new dishes have the perfect balance of comfort, taste, and of course health! As always, we love hearing your feedback, so don't hesitate to reach out to our team and let us know your thoughts here