Customer Kudos to Share

One of my favorite things every day is hearing from clients like you! I love to hear about your successes and ways we have helped you transform your health and essentially your lives through our freshly prepared meals. I’ve compiled a few comments we recently received that I thought you may also enjoy reading. As you can see, we are much more about health and convenience and not just about weight loss…although we do wonders for people seeking weight loss too! I hope you enjoy reading these comments as much as I did.

“I am 87 years old. My blood pressure medication has been cut in half and I have lost 40 pounds. I feel much better.” - Joe S.

“After my weight loss my own doctor did not recognize me. LOL” - Terri S.

“Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating helped me to lose 40 pounds and I could not have done it without you.” - Andrew P.

“I am returning from years ago. This is the only program that has worked for me.” - Katheryn C.

“This food has helped me avoid dialysis.” - Marjorie Z.

“I order for my parents. My dad is 91 and was experiencing side effects from too much medication. After being on Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, his doctor reduced his medications from 16 to 3 pills daily.” - Rafid A.

“I really appreciate the flexibility that you offer. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will be back.” - Jo D.

“I was on years ago. I recently started ordering again and almost forgot how wonderful this program is. Having all shopping, cooking and calorie counting done for me is exactly what I need.” - Donna L.“I tried Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating a month ago and I love it.” - Marcia C.

“I just want you all to know that I love your meals.” - Kathryn W.

“My husband and I are seniors. We love that we can order week to week without any contracts. The versatility is unmatched.” - Joanne C.

“Love the meals and I have lost the few pounds that I needed to lose. My favorite meal is the fish tacos.” - Cheryl C.

“I am a new customer. Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating meals are fresh and delicious. I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. They are filling and very enjoyable.” - Kelly C.