Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

Sometimes while at work, we work on autopilot, as well as eat on autopilot. And while snacking can be a healthy practice, many workers fall into the habit of unhealthy snacking on sweets and junk food. In order to change this habit, it's important to control those urges and plan better.

Here are 6 Helpful Tips to Keep you Snacking Smarter:

Outsmart Food Cravings

Tell yourself to accomplish task A before indulging in a craving or mix it up and call a co-worker. Sometimes what you really may be craving is social support. A chat with a sympathetic co-worker can get you through a tough craving. Also, working on a specific task can help shift focus and energy. Soon enough, you will forget whatever it was you were craving. It’s also important to keep a craving journal. Note the time of day your craving appeared, how long it lasted, the food you craved and how you handled the situation. You’ll start noticing patterns, so you can be better prepared to handle cravings in the future.

Keep Tempting Foods Away

While you may not be able to control the junk food in the office, you can certainly control what’s at arm’s reach. Take the junk food out of your office and replace it with healthy snacks. Drink water when you have a craving or enjoy several small healthy meals throughout your day. Letting yourself get too hungry between meals means craving for unhealthy, high-calories foods and snacks. Plan what you will eat ahead of time.

Overcome those Cravings

As I always say, the more you eat of an unhealthy food, the more you crave it. With that being said, it’s important to cut yourself off from your cravings for a period of time (2 weeks for example). It may be difficult to eliminate chocolate or sweets from your diet, but after that time period you will notice you crave the food a lot less.

Find a Substitute for Your Craving

Choose alternatives for your cravings. Yearn for potato chips? Buy a brand that's low-fat or fat-free. Desire something crunchy? Skip the chips: try fruit or a salad packed with crisp greens and veggies. Want something sweet? How about an apple or pear? Fruit may not seem like it would fulfill a craving, but you may be surprised how satisfied, and not gross, you feel afterwards.

Plan your Splurges

Plan ahead. What is your schedule like? Will there be a piece of cake in your future that you won’t be able to resist? Schedule your indulgences. If you know you will have a piece of cake, eat less of your meal. It’s okay to have treats once in a while. And, if they are planned and you can still stay on track with your healthy meal habits, the treats become even more enjoyable!

Include Protein and Fiber for Snacks

Snacks that include some lean protein or healthy fats with some fiber are ideal. Protein and fat trigger sense of fullness and a sense of fullness while fiber slows down digestion and aids in that sense of fullness also. Many high-fiber carbs, like fresh fruit, veggies and oatmeal, are water-rich, which means you get to eat a bigger serving for fewer calories than you would if you chose junky carbs like cookies and chips.

Several Smart Snacks Include:

  • Hard-boiled egg with a half-cup of fresh fruit
  • Yogurt parfait with fruit and granola
  • One-cup of baby carrots with two tablespoons of hummus
  • Half-cup of high-fiber cereal with skim milk
  • Handful of almonds and dried pineapple

Snacking at work doesn't have to be hard! As long as you're mindful of the hard work you're putting into your weight loss and what snacks are good and bad for that endeavour, you'll be fine! Just remember to not overdo it and focus on your goals. Stay strong, you got this!

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