Healthier Fast Food

Healthier fast food, sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? Well, it seems there's been some discussion recently about that very subject. And, I'm happy to say, the media has reported it correctly noting that it indeed is NOT healthier. 

As a healthy heating “guru” for 30 years and a lifelong healthy eater, I can say that this is just plain garbage.

Perception is what is being distorted. No, fast food is not healthier. I repeat, fast food is not healthier! They want you to think it is healthier, but in actuality it is not healthier than in the years past.

Here’s what researchers found studying the meals at fast food restaurants served from 1996 to 2013: very little has changed in terms of those meals’ calories, sodium levels and saturated fat content.

Fast food companies that have made billions over billions, on helping to gorge our society with high caloric meals and empty calorie sodas and are only appearing to do a better job than in year’s past.

What has changed is less trans fats -- and that was spurred only because of consumer demand by means of legislative efforts to change frying fat between 2005 and 2009. The use of less trans fats in French fries, which then saw a decline in that particular type of fat over time.

Those giant multi-national companies are spending big bucks to try to convince the public that they are not as bad as they’ve been made out to be. Not true, if you ask me.

Portion sizes have remained huge and disproportionate to what the average person should consume daily, let alone in one sitting at a typical fast food meal.

Remember this, the shares of these companies were not built on healthy meals rather deep fried potatoes, fried hamburgers and jumbo sized soda pops. That’s their ‘bread and butter’ so to speak.

It’s interesting to see how shares of these companies have been dwindling, as consumers are more eager to eat healthier and their tarnished public images cannot rebound….no matter how many salads they try to add to their line up, or how they spiff up their tired, greasy menus.

In fact, if they were so worried about making healthier fare, how about starting with portion sizes? The sizes of today are ginormous compared to yester years when these companies first began. In one meal alone, you can consume a day’s worth of calories, fat and sodium!

So, I ask you to use your ‘thinking rights’ and ask yourself is it truly healthier? I think not, my dear friends! It’s the same old junk food that the companies are trying to make you think is better for you. Think again! Read those calorie counts posted on the menus, and take a closer look at the fat, sodium and cholesterol levels. You may be surprised to learn, it is truly the same old thing!