Cancer Causing Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are doing more harm than good it seems.

While most people who consume supplements tend to think they are doing something good for their health, while in fact, they may actually be increasing their cancer risk especially when they are taking them in high doses according to new analysis of previous research.

Supplements Can Potentially Increase Cancer Risks

The new analysis examined 20 years of published studies on vitamin supplements and people’s cancer risk. What they found was that no pill reduced cancer risk.

The findings of many people in the U.S. take high-dose vitamin supplements and think it is better or will improve their health, when in fact the opposite is true according to the author of the analysis, Dr. Tim Byers, of the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

When regularly consuming more than the recommended amount of vitamins and supplements it actually has the reverse effect, it causes cancer. It is not exactly known why, however it has been shown to be true across all groups who shared that one trait of taking extra amounts of vitamins and supplements.

Dr. Byers said the findings are substantial enough to consider them as both a clinical and public health safety issue.

The results of the new analysis were presented this week at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2015.